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Few lives exemplify this as well as Vincent Van Gogh’s, the famous Dutch painter and one of the most Irving Stone wrote three amazing books about the lives of famous artists: Vincent Van Gogh in Lust for Life, Michelangelo in The Agony and the Ecstasy and Camille Pissarro in Depths of Glory. In all three books, Stone aimed to stay as close as possible to the facts. Lust for Life Quotes Showing 1-30 of 103. “It's so easy to love. The only hard thing is to be loved. [Vincent Van Gogh]”. ― Irving Stone, Lust for Life.

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Bogen er skrevet på grundlag af 700 breve fra Vincent van Gogh til hans bror kunsthandleren Theo van Gogh, og giver et rystende indblik i kunstnerens omskiftelige og Irving Stone's powerful and passionate biographical novel of Michelangelo. His time: the turbulent Renaissance, the years of poisoning princes, warring popes, the all-powerful Medici family, the fanatic monk Savonarola. 1956-11-30 LUST FOR LIFE was originally written in 1934. This is a Heritage Press Reprint dated 1937, although it is a later (1953) printing of the original Heritage Reprint edition Wonderful biographical novel of Vincent Van Gogh with 150 reproductions of Van Goghs paintings. The book is in very good I had read Passions of the mind, a very good book by Irving Stone, Lust for Life, another good book, and had struggled through a bit too much detail in The Agony and the Ecstasy, until almost to the end, then I never finished it, but did see the movie, which was good. This book, The Origin, I … Irving Stone, original name Irving Tennenbaum, (born July 14, 1903, San Francisco—died Aug. 26, 1989, Los Angeles), American writer of popular historical biographies.

Näyttää siltä, että tänä vuonna tulee luettua paljon asiaproosaa, vaikka lukuhaaste kannustaa ennen kaikkea kaunokirjallisuuden lukemiseen.

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I like Irving Stone’s historical novels but this one about Charles Darwin was way too long. The original (used) hard cover that I bought runs 731 pages. The author covers the many highlights of Darwin’s scientific career and personal life but includes a lot of needless detail. A prudent editor should have reined him in a little.

Dear Theo: The Autobiography of Vincent Van Gogh Irving

Though I've long been an admirer of Van Gogh's work, in the past  Irving Stone (born Tannenbaum, July 14, 1903, San Francisco, California including Lust for Life, a biographical novel about the life of Vincent van Gogh, and  Irving Stone. Irving Stone AKA Irving Tennenbaum.

”Han som älskade  Mondrian. Wassily Kandinsky. Abstract Painters. Abstract Art. Abstract Expressionism. Augustin Lesage. Irving Stone.
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Many of our people, unfamiliar with Van Gogh or Irving Stone, were absorbed by the tragic tale of this tormented artist, so vividly portrayed by this excellent writer. To be distinguished from Irving I. Stone, philanthropist.

En 1956 se filmó una muy popular versión de Anhelo de vivir, basada en su novela, protagonizada por Kirk Douglas como Van Gogh.
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Pris: 149 kr. Häftad, 1968.

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Gauguin, Matisse, Kandinsky och så min favorit, Van Gogh.

Irving and Jean Stone make it enjoyable by editing and joining letters to make it more of a narrative. perhaps too much. This is the gut-wrenching, heart-stopping tale of Vincent Van Gogh’s life as narrated by Irving Stone. It is a book that grew on me slowly, as I took my time familiarising myself with his family, his milieu, his thoughts. Stone succeeds in making this journey through a long-dead celebrity’s life – a very intimate one. Das Buch zeigt das Leben von Vincent van Gogh auf, mit seinen unterschiedlichen Facetten. Der Autor zeigt sehr gut die Lebensbedingungen und sein Schaffen auf, ohne das das Buch staubig wirkt.